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4 Way Heavy Duty Brass Garden Hose Splitter

Item.No: 3201 Trademark: Standard: ANSI Size: 3/4" NH Material: Brass Structure: Ball valve Pressure: 0-160psi Media: Water Temperature of Media: normal Surface finish: Special treatment for oxidation resistance Package: Inner box or customized MOQ: 2000 Time of delivery: 30 days Term of payment: 30% T/T Deposit Place of Origin: Taizhou, China

HENGXIN   Brass Shut Off Valve

It offers easy on, off and flow control.

This brass shut-off is made of solid brass.

The handle and the inlet thread are of brass with plastic over-mold for greater comfort and easy rotation.


Connection: 3/4" NH

Body Material: Brass

100% Risk-Free Guarantee 

If for some reason your purchase doesn't work or you are not satisfied with the product, please feel free to email us, we are committed to 100% satisfaction for our customers. 

Product Features  
1. Made of 1 piece of solid brass (don't settle for cheap plastic or low-grade brass imitations).
2. Run 2 or even 4 hoses from 1 spigot (to run 4 hoses, you'll need 3 connectors).
3. Connect 4 hoses to your backyard sink, drip irrigation, sprinkler timer system, hose end tap timer.
4. Use the individual valve to control water flow separately & easily.
5. Valves are made of brass (not plastic) covered with thermoplastic rubber for comfort when turning on or off.
  • 4 Way Hose Splitter: Converts a single water outlet into 4 ways.
  • High Quality: Made of high quality heavy duty brass materials, solid and durable, corrosion proof and has a long service time.
  • Individually Controlled: All the hose connector can be turned on and off individually, so you can use one or others according to your need.
  • Completely Leak-tight: Garden hose connector are equipped with high quality ball valves for tight closure. Garden hose separator effectively prevents any leakage or dripping.

This Series of Shut off valves are the best seller of our factory, which is also in vogue on Amazon. 
We sell very big quantity every year.  

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